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In an ever-evolving working environment, highly-efficient resource deployment and quick response to customers is a must for every business group to strive for survive and growth. To better respond when emergency strikes, a secure, reliable and efficient dispatching system is in urgent demand.

Hytera Smart Dispatch

Hytera Smart Dispatch
Integrated Dispatch Software

Hytera Smart Dispatch is IP-Based with a modularized design and supports VoIP and delivers an enhanced dispatching and deployment platform with tailored communications tools like remote monitoring, voice record and geofencing. It was developed on a Hytera digital platform that is compliant to ETSI DMR open standard and is designed for the efficient communication, management and dispatching of a radio fleet.

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Hytera Smart One

Hytera Smart One
Unified Communication Platform

Hytera Smart One, a new generation unified communication platform, realizes multisystem intercommunication and unified dispatching, and thus brings our customers unlimited communication. Hytera SmartOne's goal is to achieve communication among radio users, dispatchers and public network users through network inter-connection anytime and anywhere.

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Hytera Patrol System

Hytera Patrol System
Patrol Security Management

The Hytera Patrol System is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for the management of patrol security personnel and key assets. Utilizing RFID technology, the reliable PD415 DMR radio and Hytera Patrol application, you can always monitor your patrol personnel, thereby increasing their safety and efficiency.

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Hytera DMR Tier-III Trunking

Hytera DMR Tier-III Trunking
Open Standard Trunking

The Hytera DMR Tier-III Trunking, developed from the ETSI DMR open standard, is an IP based Digital Trunked Platform specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, data, dispatching and management capacity across wide geographical areas. The solution delivers high spectrum efficiency, fast access, advanced security, wide coverage, flexible networking, affordable infrastructure and low maintenance costs.

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Hytera XPT

Hytera XPT
Decentralized Digital Trunking Solution

Hytera XPT Digital Trunking is a digital extended pseudo trunking system that delivers up to 16 times the capacity of analog conventional mobile radio systems; a more cost-effective solution that allows customers to increase capacity without using a dedicated control channel. The system can easily migrate from Tier-II DMR by applying an upgrade license to the RD982S repeaters and connecting them via a layer-2 switch.

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